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Apple SWOT Analysis:

SWOT is a great indicator of an agency's strategic ineptitude. This involves you creating atwo-by-two grid and then populating it with a list of incredibly obvious client strengths andweaknesses, and another list of equally palpable opportunities and threats. Then you stand back and gaze at this list of incredibly humdrum words, such as 'competitors' and 'new product', andattempt to intuit a bold, new, innovative way of doing business. (News: Marketing Magazine,2005)The table below provides information about current situation of Apple


smartphone market position, strength and weaknesses and also its possible future situations, threats andopportunities.

Table 1 Apple Inc. Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths WeaknessesUniversally accredited and well-known brandwhich also began kind of revolution insmartphone industryApple is a Big name in the technology world.It brings so much responsibility and kind of obligation for company and its product. NewiPhone map application problem andcustomer frustration would be a goodexample.Brand loyalty is incredible. People will lineup in the freezing cold overnight just to beone of the first to get their hands on the newiPhone!

(Guenette, 2012)

From the anti-capitalism point of viewdevices like iPhone counts as luxuries. Theythink this kind of huge prices could be spendsomewhere more vital.Employ high technologies. This offersunique features for at least two purposes.One, First degree price discrimination andtwo, luxury customer satisfactionsUtilize high technology along with highquality hardware component turn AppleiPhone into very costly merchandise.Probably many people cannot afford the price.Ease of use. Apple utilizes user friendlydesign elements for both hardware andsoftware parts of iPhone. 3.5 mm audio jack would be a good example!iPhone is equipped with own Apple closedoperating system, iOS. And apps which work with iOS can only be downloaded from AppStore. Other rivals like Android have moredistribution channels.

Marketing Management Apple Inc. Case StudyPage




Former CEO, Steve


role in developingiPhone and leading Apple to the marketincredibly.Steve Jobs died on Oct 2011. We can still seehis works and ideas in Apple iPhone. His lostcan be an excessive damage to the company.Having strategic agreements with well-known mobile carriers. like T-Mobile andAT&T

Apple summary of PESTEL Analysis


The supply and manufacture of many critical components is performed by sole-sourced outsourcing partners in the U.S., Asia and Europe. Outsourcing partners

in Asia perform final assembly of substantially all of the company’s hardware

products. Manufacturing or logistics in these locations or transit to...
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