Apple Inc and the Organization - and the Organization

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Running Head: APPLE, INC

Apple, Inc and the Organization

Michael J. Keith

Organizational Behavior; BUS 322

Professor Ofori Boateng

July 29, 2012

Apple, Inc and the Organization

If I took over the leadership of a company, I would choose Apple, Inc. Apple, Inc is a multinational corporation that creates consumer electronics, computer software, and commercial servers. Apple's core product lines are the iPad, iPhone, iPod music player, and Macintosh computer line-up. I would be the CEO of Apple, Inc and change the entire organizational behavior and structure! As the CEO of Apple, Inc, I would start my new role with guiding the behavior of the managers as well as the employees in the work environment. I would be known as a charismatic and trustworthy leader. Trust is the willingness to be vulnerable to the actions of another (Mork, 2010). I think a lot employees do not trust their leader and the direction that they are too follow. Once I have the trust from my employees, I will be able to gain their attention and focus on the company goals. My charismatic aspects about myself will also shine through and be known as a down to earth guy that anyone would be able to feel comfortable talking too. Charismatic leaders have the ability to sense the gap that exists between what an organization is delivering to its followers, and what the followers need from an organization.  This allows the leader to create a vision of a future state that everyone believes will be better than today's environment. I would also demonstrate a democratic style of leadership as well top promote more collaborative relationships and interactive relationships that emphasize the roles and regulation less than the autocratic leader. As the CEO of the company, my characteristics play a central role in setting the ethical tone and moral and values for the organizations behavior. As for my employees, I will set the example and expect them to follow my lead. Effective...

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