Apple Inc. and Product (Red) Marketing Partnership Report

Topics: Marketing, Apple Inc., IPod Nano Pages: 3 (1182 words) Published: August 23, 2012
Marketing Report - The Marketing Mix Introduction Apple Inc. is an American global organisation that designs and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. Examples of Apple Inc.'s products include the iMac, iPod, the OS X operating system, and the iTunes media browser. (RED) is an AIDS charity who's aim is to raise awareness and funding to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. To help achieve their aim 'Product (RED)' was introduced, which is a brand licensed to partner companies, such as Apple Inc., who create a product with the Product (RED) logo on. In return for increased sales a percentage of the profits from the products in question goes to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS/HIV in Africa. In 2007 Apple Inc. and (RED) formed a marketing partnership and since then Apple Inc. have released a wide range of products with the Product (RED) brand. The aim of this report is to take one of the Apple Inc. products with the Product (RED) theme and produce a tactical marketing plan for the organisation to reconnect with it's core UK based 18-24 year old audience. SWOT Analysis As with any business model there are internal and external factors which will affect the (RED) project achieving it's aims. Summarised below are the strengths and weaknesses of the (RED) business model and the opportunities and threats posed by the external environment. Internal Strengths: - Product (RED) could generate long-term high levels of income for the Global Fund. - Raises awareness of the Global Fund and the activities they undertake. - Brand recognition. - By buying (RED) products consumers learn about how serious the AIDS problem in Africa is. Internal Weaknesses: - They allow partner companies to profit from higher sales due to consumers wanting to help worse off people in Africa. - (RED) licences only one company for each product category which may cause competition between rival companies. External Opportunities: - A potentially large percentage of the market are...
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