Apple Inc.

Topics: Economics, Apple Inc., Peter Oppenheimer Pages: 2 (301 words) Published: May 28, 2014
Apple Inc. Marginal Product of Labor and Cost Structure
In a New York Times article released in June of 2012, stated that of the 43,000 employees employed by Apple Inc., 30,000 of those only make about 25,000 a year. This rate averages out to be about around $13.00 an hour however, after this article was released Apple provided its employees with a 19.5 percent increase which rounded out to $17.30 an hour. Apple employee’s earned the company about $420,000 in profits during the year of 2011 (9 to 5, 2011.) This is a big comparison to companies like Google at $336,000, $245,000 for Microsoft employees, and $130,000 for Intel employees. (9 to 5, 2011.) In September of 2013 Apple had approximate 80,300 employees, in a press release given by the company’s CFO Peter Oppenheimer the company had earned $43 billion dollars. Taking this into account each employee roughly earned the company $536,000 in 2013. Apple’s 2013 quarterly report indicated that the company sold 51 million IPhones and 26 million IPads and 4.8 million Macs (Apple, 2013.) Apple’s performance and operations depend significantly on regional and global economic conditions. Tighter credit, government austerity programs, higher unemployment, negative financial news and financial market volatility all add uncertainty to the global and regional economic conditions. These conditions could have an adverse effect on the products and services Apple offers. Outside the U.S. the cost of the dollar could affect the cost of services and goods.

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