Apple Inc 2010

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Apple Inc. 2010

Apple’s Competitive Advantages
Apple was the first company that launched computers for personal use but by 2010 the company viewed itself as mobile device company. The competitive advantages for Apple throughout history have been ease of use, industrial design and technical elegance. Apple designed its products from scratch using chips, disk drives and monitors. For instance the iMac that came out in august 1998 was available to buy with colorful translucent cases with an eggshell design. The iMac also supported "plug-and-play" peripherals that were designed for windows based computers. Apple differentiated itself from other computer brands by having the "think different" ads and a unique design on both hardware and software that no other PC brands had. Also later on they started making energy efficient notebooks made from recyclable materials. In 2001 Jobs believed that the Macintosh had an advantage over its competitors for consumers who started to live a more digital lifestyle, using digital cameras, portable music, etc. Because Apple offered all these devices and to sync them together Apple made a digital hub strategy. Because the consumers could sync all the files to the other Apple devices they had it made it easier to use than other PC brands. Personal Computer Industry

Apple’s Competitive Position in PCS
In the 80’s and 90’s Apple was best known for their personal computer, the Macintosh. Customer loyalty made it possible for Apple to sell their Macs at $10,000 with a gross profit around 50% in the 90’s. By the early 2000’s Dell overtook the market lead and contract manufacturing in Taiwan and China became more popular and took over areas such as design and testing. According to the data, Apple has shown that they have had a very steady market share from year 2000-2009, with a market ratio ranging from 3-5%. This means that Apple has a very sustainable market share. Over the years the PC industry has experienced many...
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