Apple Inc.

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Heather Hawkins.
August 13, 2012
Professor Barnhill

Apple’s Success
Heather Hawkins
Ottawa University


Apple has evolved since the start of their company in the early 70’s. The company has successfully been able to develop a strong hold to being a competitor and innovator. Apple Inc. has been able to gain widespread success due to their ability to create innovative products. Apple stands out in the market because they know what the consumers want and then executes their strategies. The companies’ effective business strategies have allowed them to gain large revenue growth. Apple has been able to coordinate and integrate pricing and high quality products. Apple Inc. uses the highest quality materials and industrial design on their carefully crafted products even though they are mass produced. The company is able to sell a large amount of products because the buyer’s reservation price matches the pricing of their products. “The company says it’s sold 365 million digital devices over the last five years — 50 million last quarter alone — and is currently averaging nearly $4 billion in monthly profit” (DeCarlo, pg. 2, 2011). Apple Inc. marketing strategies has allowed them to generate a large amount of revenue.

Apple Inc. superb product design
According to Harris, “one company immediately springs to mind as constantly setting the benchmark, whether in hardware or software, that is Apple”. Apple offers a clean design with fun and updated features. Apple periodically improves their business by continually to enhance their product’s performance while improving offering. It constantly faces challenges in updating their products to consumers who anticipate product improvements. Product design, specifically upgradable architecture of a product can be a valuable approach for marketers to alleviate consumer concerns about a product. “Innovating firms in several industries offer temporally improving products to attain higher margin and renewed sales for their durable goods” (Krishnan, pg. 2040, 2011). Apple applies this by constantly updating their mobile and music devices. Apple improves their products or devices by improving particular areas to help maintain their consumer base. According to Harris, “in deciding the design for the Apple products, they wanted to keep the display as simple and as pure and as uncluttered as possible”. The design team at Apple is constantly thinking of a new ways to advance their products. Ive, the man behind Apple’s design sets the stage for beautiful ideas to develop with the products. Apple has been able to develop iconic products such as the colorful iMac to the iPod Nano. “Apple has created and maintained a choke hold on the digital music market, and analysts say it is poised for its biggest share gains in the PC market for years” (Burrows, pg. 6, 2006). According to Burrows, “Apple’s team work closely and intensely with engineers, marketers, and even outside manufacturing contractors in Asia who actually build the products”. Their team are leading innovators and in the production process. The design group was able to originally able to figure out what types of layers would bring depth and character to the iPod. “Apple tries very genuinely to design products that solve problems, not just self-expression” (Burrows, pg. 8, 2006). The company tries not to make a lot of products and devices so they can focus on every detail. They also try to figure out how each piece is made. Apple’s devices define art, science, and character. Apple’s Production Process

Apple must stay current with the technological changes to maintain growth in their market share. As their products mature, Apple extends the needs and wants from their consumers by providing additional features. The company is also at a growth stage because they are currently increasing their production while keeping the quality. Apple’s Successful Price Strategy

Apple’s target group is a...

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