Apple Customer Loyalty

Topics: Apple Inc., IPod, IPod Nano Pages: 4 (1734 words) Published: March 20, 2011
The iPod Nano sixth generation, now features a smaller 1.54 inch multi-touch screen with a lower resolution of 240x240 pixels but a higher pixel density of 220 pixels per inch, as opposed to the larger 2.2 inch screen on the iPod Nano 5G. The iPod Nano has 24 hours of music playback on a single charge. The new iPod Nano has lost the previous generation's video camera, built-in voice recorder and built-in speaker, and games. It has also lost support for video playback, but music videos and video podcasts can be synced onto the device, and the audio from them will play on the device, with a single key-frame shown on the screen. It still includes the Nike+iPod fitness option as well as an FM radio tuner. It has a black on white screen contrast option and other accessibility options. While competitors like Sony, SanDisk and Zune, have been trying to keep up with Apple Inc and the iPods, none were successful. Thus far only one company is 2006 was able to actually compete with Apple iPod and that was Zune, when Apple came out with their 5th generation classic iPod, Zune too came out with an MP3 player also know as Zune 30, which was just as good as Apple classic iPod, but quality was the difference. While Zune had a very nice MP3 player, it had a couple of flaws, (1) it was too big, and the size of the first Zune was like stack of cards, (2) was that when it came to downloading music an videos onto the Zune is was quite difficult. Now the 5th generation iPod was simple but also had new technology known, as the click wheel. This set Apple iPods far apart with any and all competitors. First “Industrial Analysis”, (1) some of the major competitors for Apple iPod are Sony, San Disk and Zune. (2) The degree of differentiation within the music player industry can be best described by monopolistic competition. The reason why I believe that the competition for Apple iPod is monopolistic competition, is mainly because there is a few markets open to selling audio player and all...
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