Apple Corporate Culture

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HR management factors:

In a multinational work space setting the employers in the organization may reflect their own culture and experience back grounds this shows the effectiveness of human resources management in multinational company.

Apple corporate culture

In apple the employers can enjoy a relaxed and casual working environment. Even the infrastructure is designed in to ensure maximum work time pleasure; The Company gives freedom for the employers like wearing casual dress in the office premises etc.

Since the company is facing endless challenges and opportunities everyday the company gives special consideration ensuring the first class treatment to the new recruited employees. Apple also provides many opportunities for the fresh employees to work with the well experienced employers in order to gather more knowledge from them.

Advantages of Apple culture

• Apple employees always valued by and appreciated by the management to promote creativity.

• This enables the company to retain highly skilled employees so that they can lead company to success and competition benefits.

• Most of the employees felt proud to be an employee of apple because the company recognized as an innovator.

• Corporate culture of the company highly concentrated to the intense of work ethics.

• Causal and relaxed working environment.

• Attention to the every minute detail.

• Excellent training ground for the young professionals.

• The culture allows the employee to work together, enjoy working environment, argues with others and also to respect other which is considered to be very important.

• Organization culture enables and inspires workers to delivers unconventional and innovative products by thinking differently.

• Co operate mission of the company: The corporate culture of the company empowers the high passion of the employee to believe in the corporate mission so that the company can get competitive advantage.


There are mainly four reasons for which workers in the apple are more stressed and they are:





For the instant we can focus towards the restrictions incurred by the apple Inc.

Apple Inc has been maintaining a good corporate culture between the employers and employees

CULTURE OF SECRECY: Apple inc has maintained a culture of secrecy in the workplace even though apple inc has promoted top level secrecy in the workplace the information has been leaked out from the company In order to avoid all this company has levied a strong punishment over the whom who does all this matters. This all has adversely affected and created a negative value in the workers of the Apple as well as it has values of work nature in the employees. Due to the corporate culture of the Apple Inc the credibility of the workers towards the company has decremented.

Another major reason for the decrement of the credibility of the workers towards the company is mainly due to the long working hours. In the later years Apple allotted working hours of 90 Hrs per week and it was totally unacceptable for the workers due to this many issues and disputes were happened legally after that Government reduced working hours to 60 hrs per week. But at the same time apple had strong and ethic work commitment towards the deadlines for every work assigned by the apple they had put deadlines so if any works goes pending worker have to work overtime. The corporate culture of the Apple Inc was totally outdated and it is needed to be well structured and redeveloped.

Individuality: In apple Inc the research and development of every products is depend upon the single leadership. In the company for every workers there will be up to 5-6 supervisors and between the supervisors the communication gap is...

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