Apple Brand - Marketing Strategy with the Customer in Mind

Topics: Apple Inc., Marketing, Steve Jobs Pages: 6 (2090 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Apple, Inc: Marketing Strategy with the Customer in Mind

By: Rosa Somerville

BUS 330 – Principles of Marketing (BAD 1216A)

Instructor: Vicki Long

May 21, 2012

My friend just recently purchased the Apple I-phone 4. She made the decision after she found out that she can use the smartphone to communicate with her son face to face while he is in training out of state. Her previous phone, a Samsung LG did not have nearly as much capabilities as her new smart phone. Apple has proven to market very innovative products that will allow consumers to do just about anything with a touch of a button. Apple thinks outside the box when it comes to strategic marketing and product building. The company has been profiting from a strong marketing segmentation for years. My friend has had an awesome experience with her I-Phone and is looking to purchase the I-Pad. I can believe that many people like her will be dropping their simple products and picking up a more smart and innovative Apple device. In this paper I will discuss how Apple has utilized successful marketing segmentation to become the leader in technology. Through market segmentation, Appls has proven to value its customer’s needs. Apple has positioned itself in the market environment, by introducing products that suits everyone. Competition can be tight especially in the world of technology. But Apple may have set a very high standard that is too far for the competition to reach. From the youngest to the youngest at heart, Apple has a great deal to offer. This generation of children will probably take Apple to the next level. Apples product life cycle, has already outlived its visionary, Steve Jobs. The company itself has proven to have built a lasting brand for lifetimes to come.

Apple’s Market Segmentation
How else can a company identify its customers and aspire to lift their spirits with an awesome product? Market segmentation can help a company achieve this goal. Market segmentation can allow a company to drive products customers and target their needs and aspirations within their demographics, psychological needs and budget controls. Marketing segmentation permits companies to focus on strategies for selling products to customers. According to Schramm (1976) Apple’s strategy is simple. It concentrates on what the customer want to experience and build a product based on that. Let use my friends new I-Phone 4 for example. Apple used its vertical integration with the IPod touch, the iTunes marketplace and phone hardware to create a harmonious segmentation approach and market to those who desire an upgrade from the iPod media player. This is an ideal way for the company to merge strategy and consumer needs to build more products and keep the product lifecycle flowing. Apple is successful because it segments products for reading, listening and communicating. Apple has strategized carefully how to sell products to the right people at the right prices, at the right time and has become the largest company in tis various industries.

Apple’s Market Environment.
I’m sure Apple has had some challenges while taking its place in the market. Analyzing the market environment is a basic way for a firm to research and meet challenges effectively. Internal and external forces can influence how a company carries out their goals. Existing rules and regulations can also impact challenges within a firm. Considering Apple’s current position in the market, the external and internal factors have help immensely. Managing internal factors in a marketing environment has help Apple perform at its peak. It has worked hard to improve its efficiency by continuing to introduce new products to the market. According to Digital Strategist Baker ( 2011) expanding Apples product line is the strategy that Apple will need to stay ahead in the market. Apple targets a specific market and overtaking it with quality keeping them effective in...
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