Apple and Microsoft Organizational Behavior Analysis

Topics: Microsoft, Apple Inc., Steve Ballmer Pages: 8 (1406 words) Published: May 27, 2015

Apple and Microsoft Organizational Behavior Analysis
By Reggie Powell
Davenport University
CRN: MGMT 321.22193
Instructor: Dr. James Young
March 17, 2015

The follow literature is based on researched evidence and statistics pertaining to the subject of Apple Incorporated and Microsoft Corporation’s organizational behaviors and cultures. The information obtained in this paper directly reflects the subject matter and in no way reflect the views or opinions of Davenport University or its affiliates.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze, discuss, and compare the organizational behaviors and culture of Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. First, this paper will define organizational behavior which is a field of study devoted to understanding, explaining and ultimately improving the attitude and behaviors of individuals and groups in organizations (Jason A. Colquitt, 2013). Secondly, this paper will define organizational culture which is the values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization (, 2015). This paper will continue by first, analyzing each company’s organizational behaviors and culture individually. Apple Inc. is one the world’s leading technological giant. Apple Inc. Organizational Behaviors and Culture

Former CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs instilled the culture of “One Person-One Computer” which he envisioned all of Apple’s devices to be easily used by anyone. In 1983 Apple was under a centralized organizational structure (Vnbio, 2014). A centralized organizational structure is one where only high-level executives make the decisions of a company. Apple began to realize that a change in culture would instill a change in behavior which would build creativity and innovation. The new culture focuses on numerous small decisions which captures the idea that people make small decisions day in and day out to expound the company’s creativity and innovation which is proven to this day and why Apple Inc. is still successful. This concept proved that the more people given opportunities to present ideas the better the output would be. Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs wanted to change the focus of the culture by implementing three strategies: he refocused the strategy to be about one thing, he eliminated passive aggressiveness and encouraged debate when new ideas were forming, and he set up a cross-disciplinary view of how the company would succeed (Merchant, 2010). Apple’s driving culture is that the people make the company successful and Apple makes products strictly for the people. For example, IPad, IPod, Podcasts, ITunes, IPhone and Apple Pay are all devices geared toward people’s entertainment and convenience. Apple’s core values are the reason that their products remain consistently excellent and customer friendly. Apple’s culture has led to its success and here are some concepts that has contributed to its company values and behaviors: focus on design, believe in the vision, forget everything that comes before it, believe that Apple is better than all others, take flaws to heart, never admit defeat, remember attention to detail, secrecy reigns supreme and domination is everything. All these concepts, theories, values and practices has defined Apple Inc. and contributed to its maintained success. In comparison, this paper will analyze Microsoft Corp., another technological giant and its organizational behavior and culture. Microsoft’s Organizational Culture and Behavior

Microsoft Executive Satya Nadella wrote a companywide email stating the strategic direction the company wanted to take. The first step the company wanted to take was realigning their workforce. They wanted to reduce the size of their workforce by 18,000 workers. The company also wants their Nokia device and programming team incorporated into the company. The company wanted to redirect its...
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