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Greg Chavarria
Apple Inc. is a consumer’s electronics company that was first founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, CA. Apple Inc. is known for designing innovative and cutting edge consumer electronics, software, applications, phones, and personal computers etc. What makes Apple successful is how the founders are able to keep up with technology without sacrificing the company objectives. Their products are always in demand and their popularity continues to grow day by day. Apple Inc. is now known to be an industry leader; they are two years ahead of technology. For example, the new iPad that we will most likely see next March was signed off on two years ago. ("6 Reasons Why Apple Is So Successful |", Bajirin,2014) Consumers who were once reluctant to try a new operating system are now keen on taking a chance because of the brand itself and marketing techniques. The operating system and software applications are creative and a step ahead from their competitors Explaining of operating system/ software application The operating system for the Apple Inc is known as OS X. The operating system is created to run on Apple Mac computers only. The OS X Mavericks is the latest upgraded operating system that is downloaded on to Mac computers today. Apple Inc.’s current operating system is designed to enhance the use of the Mac computers efficiency, and is made to be consumer user-friendly. Once the OS X mavericks is downloaded to your Mac computer it enhances the power of browsing the web, messaging, setting of calendar reminders, face time video calls and much more. The software application is one the top important element within the Mac system. These applications are designed to give the Apple Inc Mac computer a unique, and assimilated...

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