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Promotion Strategy

a.)Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy
The integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategy, in American Football terms, is all about awareness in the pocket. Knowing what is going on at the time, how to react, which players to look for and which to avoid. This can all be related to the IMC strategy because it deals with delivering the football to the receiver at the right time. IMC deals with a variety of forms of communication: Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotions, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Electronic Media. These forms are all used to reach out to an audience to help promote a product or service. Below, I have prepared an overview of Apple Inc.’s IMC strategy.

Apple Inc. has an impressive image to uphold and their advertisements certainly add more value to the product itself. Since Apple Inc. is an electronic technology company their advertising campaigns deal heavily with Internet mediums and television commercials. My personal favorite are the “Mac vs. PC” commercials where there are two people in the commercial; an older business man who is portrayed as outdated and unhip is promoting the PC. The comparison is the Mac is portrayed as a younger, fresher, more intuitive and sleeker option to the PC that gives Apple a huge advantage in this competitive market. These commercials have gone viral through the use of YouTube and the other various social networking sites. The iPod digital music revolution campaign was extremely successful in enticing consumers to purchase iPods and begin using iTunes. This campaign is responsible for creating the stepping-stones for the App Store. Both campaigns gave the consumer idealistic offers that they would ultimately end up acquiring. After viewing the various advertisements, consumers are presented an offer that is hard to refuse which defines the success in these campaigns.

Personal Selling
Apple Inc. has the advantage of having its Apple Retail Stores to help with the face-to-face style of personal selling, but also the Internet and telephone can be utilized in helping influencing the buyer’s purchase decision. With face-to-face personal selling, (as I have talked about in ‘Place Strategy’ part 2 of the marketing audit), the employees at an Apple Retail store are called ‘Geniuses’ and they can answer ANY question a customer may have about the various Apple products. I’m going to combine personal selling over the Internet with over the telephone because the process is similar. Over the Internet works just like any other online store; you can browse their entire inventory, see the different models and even customize your future purchase. This is the same over the telephone except that the Apple Call Representative will verbally ask you which features you’d like for the product you’re buying. It is much easier to go online and shop the Apple store yourself! Shown below is the online Apple Store.

Sales Promotions
It is well known that Apple Inc. has consistent prices for each product it sells, and that their promotions are next to extinct. However, the few promotions that Apple does have are random ‘Free Shipping’ perks and my favorite college promotion, ‘Students Who Buy a MacBook and get an iPod Touch for Free’. This promotion always starts towards the end of summer and stops towards the end of September. The reason Apple Inc. does this promotion is because they can ‘clean’ out their current stock of older iPods and MacBooks to make room for the new product lines.

Direct Marketing
Since Apple Inc. doesn’t dabble much in the promotion realm, direct marketing is rarely used. E-Mails are sent only for receipts of purchased items and technical support, never for promotions. From personal experience, I have been an Apple customer since 2005 and have yet to be bombarded by Apple sales promotions. Below is the Apple support page.

Public Relations
Apple Inc. receives more credit...
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