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Capitalizing on Social Media Trends and Opportunities
A key to business survival is capitalizing on popular cultural trends. Communication though social media websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and You Tube is the latest cultural phenomenon. Companies are now taking advantage of this external opportunity in an effort to reach new markets and communicate more effectively with current and potential consumers. The purpose of this activity is to explore this trend as a strategic opportunity for a company.

Consider three (3) different companies from three different parts of the world that interest you, and search your favorite social media website for an official profile or fan page for these companies. Write a few paragraphs describing how your selected companies are using social media to promote its brand. Consider the following questions when you write your analysis: 1)How does the content on the social media profile page differ from the content on the company’s corporate website (Hint: Consider the target audience for each location)? 2)In your opinion, has the selected company done well in capitalizing on the social media trend? Why or why not? 3)How are the company’s competitors using the same social media websites? 4)You MAY add further observations.

E.g.: Samsung: Korea - Electronic; BMW: Germany - Automobile; Telekom Malaysia: Malaysia – Telecommunications; Harvard University: USA – Education.

Almost 9 out of 10 companies using social media, such as Face book, Twitter, YouTube’s, MySpace and etc to promote their company and their product to customers. I have selected three companies from different countries that use social media besides company corporate websites. •HTC – Telecommunication equipment (Taiwan)

Nestle – Food producers (Switzerland)
May bank- Financial services (Malaysia)

HTC – Telecommunication equipment (Taiwan)
Starting its operation in 1997, HTC has made a name for itself in the global market and is one of the fastest growing in the field of mobile communication. Founded by Cher Wang, HT Cho and Peter Chou, the company has been the underdog in several successful operator branded devices, with established close partnerships with key players in the operator dominated mobile markets in Europe, USA and Asia, it has started marketing its products under its own brand name since 2006. It is little wonder that Business Week magazine in 2007 has ranked HTC as the Second best performing Technology Company in Asia and the third largest globally in 2006. Since launching its own brands it has registered the fastest growth rate and its products are the most proliferated in the world today. This should come as no surprise with their design philosophy of "products inspired by the customers, to make their world run better" their products are highly innovative and predictive of future market needs. Besides using company webpage, HTC are using social media to promote its brand. One of the ways is Publicize HTC social media presence everywhere. That means that HTC e-mail signature, homepage (or even all WebPages) and newsletter contain links to HTC Twitter, Face book, blog etc. In addition HTC are also creating a fan page in Face book to gain more fans or followers by attach to HTC personal network. This works especially well if many of online friends are interested in the topic of the website. Once Face book page or group contains a decent amount of content, send invitations to all friends to join. When HTC comes up with new product or model, they post it on social media and fans can give comments, likes and so on. By doing this HTC can know their potential customers, quality of product, and requirements. So that HTC can improve their product and get more info for future development. This is how HTC make use of social media, which can’t do in corporate website. HTC has several fan pages on face book based on location such as HTC Malaysia, HTC US,...
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