Apple's 3d Tv

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Apple’s Glasses Free 3D Television

Three-dimensional images are jumping out of movie theaters and into living rooms. Well what exactly is 3D TV? It adds the illusion of a third dimension, depth, to current TV and HDTV display technology, which is typically limited to only height and width. Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Samsung, LG, and Toshiba currently released these 3D televisions. Television is finally becoming real, and the viewer is “in” the experience. This new 3D generation is going to become a transitional fad just like black-and-white to color and also standard to high-definition television.

A 3D Television displays two separate images of the same scene simultaneously. One is intended for the viewer's right eye and the other is for the left eye. The two full-size images occupy the entire screen and appear intertwined with one another when looked at without the aid of special 3D glasses. When viewers throw on the glasses, they can distinguish these two images as a solitary 3D image. Currently only certain movies and television programs are available in this new technology. ESPN is test-recording some sporting events in 3D by using cameras with two sets of lenses, which would make football players appear to jump out of home television screens during live 3D broadcasts. The price of these three-dimensional televisions, which require a new television and broadcasting content, is not substantially higher than some high-definition televisions on the market now. However, there are some concerns with this new technology. The 3D broadcasts require twice the data, which could accumulate up to an impractical amount of television bandwidth. Furthermore, the main concern is the 3D glasses. These 3D glasses have an average price of $150.00 each. Not only is the price concerning future costumers, but also many potential buyers that are looking into investing in this television set are worried that the graphics wont make a smooth transition into their living room...

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