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Topics: IPhone, Apple Inc., App Store Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: March 17, 2011
Smartphones are today’s hottest phones every teen wants because not only do they make phone calls and send text messages, but they are also able to surf the Internet, check your email, and even play games. These things are all called applications, or apps for short. One smartphone in particular that I believe to be an amazing smartphone is the Apple iPhone 4 made by a known computer company, Apple Inc. With the great design, a front-facing camera, and a fast operation system, called iOS, the iPhone 4 is not only considered a business phone, but a phone that anyone, at any age, can quickly get used to.

Since the first iPhone in 2007, the design of the iPhone has significantly changed over four years. With the front and back of the phone made out of optical glass, it makes the phone far more scratch resistant than the old plastic back of the iPhone 3GS, which I could confirm with personal experience. Although it’s made out of glass, the glass contains an oleophobic coating so fingerprints or smudges won’t be much of a problem. Some people believe that the design of the iPhone’s antennas have a major flaw that is caused by bridging the antenna. This occurs when your hand or fingers covered the left side of the phone, causing the iPhone 4 to lose signal bars. I found this problem to not affect me, but it did affect some on my friend’s iPhones. The best way to resolve this problem was to purchase a case to prevent our bodies from coming into contact with the antenna. Although its design may cause network problems, it does include its new front-facing camera for its new software: FaceTime. People have always dreamed and wondered whether video calling was in the near future. But now Apple has made it possible with their iPhone 4 that includes new software called FaceTime. FaceTime allow you to do video chat in the same way as iChat, Skype, or any other program that is used on a PC with either the front or back facing camera. From my experience with FaceTime, I...
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