Appetizer and Garnishes

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Appetizer: An American term, describes a small portion of very flavourful food or drink used to stimulate the appetite at the beginning of the meal.

These are 3 major categories of appetizers / (Hors d’ oeuvre) in case of French.

1) Pre Meal Reception: A reception is a convenient and pleasant way to allow for the varied arrival times of guest. Normally the guest is offered hors d’ oeuvre and some type of beverage in a room other than the dinning room. Example: in Russia Vodka is served with Zakuska and canapés. 2) Full Reception: A meal does not follow this type of reception. It is an event in and of itself and can last on an average one and a half hours to three hours.. Although the character of the food should be in keeping with that of Hors d’ oeuvre, the full reception provides a setting for greater freedom in the menu. 3) Within the Menu: Served within the framework of a meal as appetizers or starters, should be planned as part of the overall balance of the meal. The colour texture and flavours of the total menu must be considered.


Russian Zakuski are various preparations in the tradition of Czarist Russian. These are laid out on a table to be enjoyed by the arriving guest for an hour, before the dinner meal. Italian Antipasto means before pasta. A typical selection will include marinated mushrooms, artichoke hearts, sliced salami, smoked salmon etc. Spanish Tapas means lid. Name comes from the practice of placing a piece of bread over the wine glass to keep out the flies. Today it refers to a variety of items, including kidney beans in vinegar sauce with parsley onions, small meat balls in gravy etc English Tea Sandwiches are very traditional .They can be tiny sandwiches of shrimp paste, paper thin cucumber, tomatoes or ham. Served along side scones with jam, tea biscuits and tea cakes. Swedish Smorgasbord means ‘bread and butter table’. It includes, shrimps, pickles’ meat balls, herring, and smoked reindeer. Indonesian Rijsttafel means rice table. It is done in special shops called ‘Toko’. It is service of a central dish of rice surrounded by a large number of side dishes. Japanese Sushi is considered by many to be the national dish .Tiny portions of sliced raw fish placed on a mould of vinegared rice. Greek Meze is the equivalent appetizer. It includes such items as Keftedhakia (Tiny Meat Balls) Kreatopita (Triangular flaky pastry filled with ground meat) Spanockpita (Triangular flaky pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese) Tramosalata (Creamy pink cod roe paste)

The major division in categories of Hors d ‘oeuvre is the temperature at which it is served (cold and hot.)


1)HORS D’OEUVRE A’ LA FRANCAISE: General term for hors d’oeuvre presented in small oblong dishes called Raviers. This dish is needed because the hors d ‘oeuvre are usually served with a marinade sauce, relish and other accompaniments which require a spoon and fork for service and eating. Example: Raviers of marinated vegetables to stuffed cabbage rolls on tomato relish. 2)FINGER FOOD: Implies to small portion of food prepared and portioned so that they can be picked up with the fingers. 3)CRUDITES: Means food eaten raw. Vegetable often used for crudités are red , yellow, green peppers, celery stalk , summer squash, cucumbers cut into decorative rounds and served with one or more varieties of dip and dressings. 4)CANAPES: Refers to a toasted or fried rectangular slice of crust less bread also termed as crouton. Also refers to a small open face sandwich which may be topped with an endless variety of savory food items. It has four parts base, spread, body, and garnish. 5)BARQUETTES & TARTLETS: Miniature pie shells made from a short (high fat content) pie dough. The shells are filled with a variety of filling. Range from hot finely diced mixture to cold mousse. 6)CHOUX PUFFS & CAROLINES: Choux puffs also called petit choux and Caroline are small crust made from...
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