Appendix B: Overview of Health Care Workforce Matrix

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Positive and Negative Emotions

According to the text chapter 3 pg.39; What are Positive Emotions?

Our evolutionary heritage and life learning have given us the capacity to experience a rich array of emotions. We can feel sad, happy, anxious, surprised, bored, exhilarated, scared, disgusted, disappointed, frustrated, ad feel the bittersweet combination of both sadness and joy, when we move on to new ventures but have to leave old friends behind. Positive affect refers to emotions such as cheerfulness, joy, contentment, and happiness.

According to the text chapter 6 pg. 105; Understanding Money and Happiness

What can we conclude about the contribution of money to individual happiness? So far, our discussion suggests the following. People living in rich nation are, on average, happier than those living in poor nations are, however, this conclusion must be tempered by all the factors that co-vary with wealth that may be responsible for the relationship.

According to the text chapter 5 pg. 86; Gender Differences in Emotional Experience

Negative Emotions – Women are much more likely to experience negative emotions and internalizing disorders such as depression and anxiety than men (Kessler et al. 1994; Nolen – Hoeksema, 1995; Nolen – Hoeksema & Rusting, 1999). Internalizing disorders – involve intense negative emotions. Research reviewed by Nolen – Hoeksema and Rusting (1999) also shows that gender differences in depression and anxiety disorders appear early in life. Among girls, mood disorders typically appear between the ages of 11 and 15. No such early developmental onset is found for boys.

Lucas and Gohm (2000) question whether the different rates of mood disorders between men and women tell us anything about the emotional lives of people not suffering distress. We can say that differences in emotional disorders do share interesting parallels with differences in men’s and women’s everyday experiences....
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