Appendix Cancer

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Appendix Cancer
Cancer of the appendix, although not a common type of cancer, is a very serious cancer. Even though the appendix does not have a function in the body, cancer of the appendix will still harm the individual like any other cancer would. Appendix cancer begins with cells of the appendix proliferate abnormally and create a mass of cells, called a tumor. Various types of tumors can grow in the appendix and result in cancer. To begin, carcinoid tumors are small tumors that show no symptoms and can commonly be treated before they grow. Another type of tumors, mucinous cystadenocarcinoma tumors produce a jelly like substance called mucin that causes abdominal pain. Colonic-type adenocarcinoma tumors often go unnoticed until they are found during surgery for appendicitis. These types of tumors are very rare and much more difficult to treat than others. Paraganglioms tumors develop in a collection of cells that come from nerve tissues. This not very serious tumor can be often successfully treated because it can be spotted easily. Cancer of the appendix does not regularly begin in the appendix itself, but rather in the colorectal region. It has been concluded that only about fifteen hundred people each year are affected by cancer that had begun in the appendix. Multiple factors indicate whether a person will or not survive appendix cancer such as other diseases, carcinogens, how early the individual had noticed the cancer, and age. Of this estimated number of people who suffer from appendix cancer, many survive, while others do not. Like any other cancer, cancer of the appendix has multiple symptoms and signs. Symptoms of cancer of the appendix include appendicitis, bloating, pain in the abdominal or pelvic area, increased girth (with or without the protrusion of the naval), change in bowel function, infertility, or ascites, fluid in the abdomen. When being diagnosed with cancer of the appendix, doctors take in mind age and medical condition, type of...
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