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This interview was conducted on the 18th of December 2013 at Rainforest AdVenture Experience Park in Pasig City. The interviewee was Mr. Julius Meroy, Head of RAVE.

U: Good Day Sir! We would like to know if RAVE Park could be the topic of our study/thesis.
R: Yes we allow it, in fact it is not the first time that there are students who ask us the same question most of those students are from schools here in manila. U:
R: The former name was Rainforest then change it on Rainforest park then renovate now we have the adventure experience, like adventure parkplace because it has the ability to have a lot of adventure, the Mayor of Pasig called as Rave: Rainforest Adventure park Now rave has 7.2 hectares the biggest public park in NCR under the local government. U: who is your usual Visitors/tourist? is it more on pasiguenos? R: as of now our visitors are most of the outsiders,because it is one stop shop park. We have waterpark,resort park,zoo,adventure area,senior citizenspark,maze garden,kiddie playland, ,boating lagoon, camping area,picnic groove,basketball area,fitness area,event area or amphitheater,.this building can be called as the oldest building bec is the first building












cardio,zumba,belly,karate,gymn. This coming january this will be fully renovated,we will expand the area,like
area,clinic and rave café.

administration area,office,waiting area,boxing area, cardio

B:Show about entrance fee is it free?
J:Yes it is free,definitely! free because it is public park

B:How would you determine if a certain tourist is a Pasiguenos?

J:through I.D,they will present their I.D and if not they’ll be considered as non-pasiguenos.

B:How about office hours?

J:Its 8am-5pm daily but in the evening it will have an event like birthdays,weddings.

And then Water park is a landmark of rave.

Before the pool is small now it is many as is fully developed now we have baby pool,round pool,childrens pool,Olympic type pool for training,and rapid pool

B:is it open during holidays?

J:yes as the ordered by the mayor December 24 half day and December 25 whole day as same as December 30 half day and December 31 whole day

B:then amenities is free?

J:Free.then the amenities for pasiguenos it is P10 then for non pasiguenos P20 but still it depends on the amenities.

B:when it comes to employee how roughly

J:We have total of 75 aside the guard

B: is it per station?

J: yes we have 20 employees in water park,20 employees in gardeners,we have 7 employees in zoo area,we have 6 employee in adventure park area and 7 tour guides.

B:Maintain of facilities?

J:actually,budget allocated by the local government.This year almost P19 year the budget P20M for the obligation for the whole year.


J:we are not really strict but when it comes to the waterpark we strictly conform with the rules.and we strictly prohibited No smoking inside the park and we did not allow any breakable materials.


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