Appealing to the Goddess of Pathos

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Magazine Pages: 2 (866 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Danielle McKay
English 1C/ Ad Analysis

Appealing to the Goddess of Pathos
Sex appeal, you either have it or you don’t, and in the big bad world of advertising they sure have it and know exactly how to use it. Advertisers have exhausted sex appeal to sell their products and there’s no disagreeing that these visual signals have been used for many effective advertising campaigns. Ads are practically everywhere you look, in books, music, the internet, television, billboards, and magazines most referencing to some sort of sex appeal. Why would these ad execs do this? Because they know what we want, we are a nation obsessed with sex and they are vividly aware of this. By using sex appeal in ads they are drawling our interest, in the hopes of making a sale. Most of the time these ads involve beautiful men and woman, who in reality have nothing to do with the product they are selling. Take this ad from Express for example, on the outside you see a beautiful girl with three gorgeous men worshiping her as she stands there, wind in her hair looking confident like this happens to her on a daily basis. So what is she selling you might ask, well of course perfume. Alluding to us the consumer if you buy this perfume, you too with be gorgeous and confident with flocks of men praising you like the goddess you are. Well unfortunately life doesn’t work like this, but a girl can dream cant she, and that’s exactly what these advertisers are hoping for. This ad is appealing to a lot more than just pathos.

Every month in the pages of Cosmopolitan you will find numerous ads selling anything from clothes to teeth whitening products. There are so many ads to evaluate its hard to choose just one so before you break any ad down you needs to assess the magazine as a whole. This magazine has been known for giving you a wide variety sex advice, as well as how to maintain your sex appeal. So who is this magazine trying to target? Looking at the cover it consistently has a...
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