Appeal Letter - Academic Suspension

Topics: Emotion, Study skills, Winter Pages: 1 (416 words) Published: April 2, 2013
I want to appeal my academic suspension for spring term 2013. During winter term 2013 I was enrolled in four classes which were: Pilates 116, Writing 135, Earth Science 105, and Academic Success 107. I knew my responsibilities would include: homework, studying, attending class and managing my time. By the end of winter term, my GPA was 1.94 which has caused my academic suspension and unable to receive financial aid. In winter term 2013 I received three B-‘s and one D- . I know I am capable of doing better but I simply did not put the effort into my academics because I was dealing with negative emotions. I did not take advantage of the opportunities given to me to raise my grades which could have helped with receiving a higher GPA. I did poorly on exams because I did not set aside time to study and do homework. I also made conscious decisions to miss my classes because I felt so depressed. In that moment being happy was more important than going to class. I lost a significantly good amount of friends and my parents were the only support system I had. I just could not find a balance between my academics and dealing with my emotions. I felt depressed and all the negative emotions I was feeling consumed me entirely. I was so involved with undesirable thoughts and emotions – I lost sight to my goals. On March 22, 2013, I had an emotional break down and then was convinced by my advisor to see a counselor. After that day, I felt relieved and better about myself and my situation. I am scheduled to follow up with my counselor every other week to help with my depression and learn to control my emotions. I strongly believe it will help me deal with my emotions and personal problems outside of school. I learned that I felt lonely over winter term for a social butterfly like me. I want to have a circle of friends I can count on, who will support me, and will only make me better. Attending Multicultural Student Union (MSU) meetings and being involved with the club will allow...
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