Apollo and Dephne

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Gianlorenzo Bernini "Apollo and Daphne"

The statue "Apollo and Daphne" was made by the artist Gianlorenzo Bernini, the statue was commisioned in 1622 by the Borghese family and was completed in 1625. The statue is roughly 243 cm tall and is located at the Galleria Borghese, Rome. Bernini was a Italian sculptor, architect and painter who lived from 1598 till 1680. At first he worked in the late Mannerist tradition but left this style and helped create a new style that had more emotional and psychological energy this later became know as the baroque style. He normally worked with marble but he was also a accomplished painter and made over a hundred oil paintings many of which are just now begining to re-emerge. Apollo and Dephne is a marble statue the statue tells the story of Daphne who is being chased by the greek god Apollo who is in love with her. She pleads with her father to make her ungly and she is turned into a tree to avoided Apollo.

The shape and form of this statue is of two human size figures, the female figure appears to be running away from the male figure who is chasing her. The texture of the statues appears amazingly smooth considering the fact that the statue is marble and was mde with a hammer and chisel. The main emphasis of theis stautes is about metamorphosis, the female character is actually changing into a tree. Her skin is actually changing into bark and her feet are becoming roots and this amount of detail was done on stone. The color of the stone is white and that is the only color involved in the statue but it helps the fine details of the statue stand out. Proportionaly speaking the statues figures are roughly human size and no part of the statue overly large or out of place. Bernine has excellent economy evey part of the stone was used and even the base of the statue was used to help add detail to the statue. Bernini was a master of using observer's space, in this statue a person must walk fully around the statue to see...
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