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The movie Apollo 13 stared, Tom Hanks (Jim Lovell) Bill Paxton (Fred Haise), Gary Sinise (Ken Mattingly) and Kevin Bacon (Jack Sivigert) . The movie was directed by Ron Howard and is based on the book “Lost Moon” by Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger. This was America third trip to the moon and Apollo 13 mission was to land in the Fra Mauro area of the moon. Two day before launch Mattingly was scrubbed from the mission after being exposed to measles. He was replaced by Jack Swigert (kevin Bacon) who only had two days of preparation. Two days into the mission on April 13 Jack Swigert received an order to stir the oxygen tanks. One of the tanks exploded which caused damage to the fuel cells and the heat shield. This damage made a moon landing impossible and the return trip home a challenge and daunting task. With the astronauts’ lives hanging in the balance, mission control evaluated all the choices available to them and made a decision that brought the crew safely home.

There are several kinds of decision making models, among them are rational model, Bounded Rationality, and Intuition. According to (Stephen Robbins and Timothy A Judge., Organization Behavior 13th edition) the rational decision- making model follow six steps 1. Define the problem

2. Identify the decision criteria
3. Allocate weights to the criteria
4. Develop the alternative
5. Evaluate the alternatives
6. Select the best alternative
This type of decision making began when Jean Kranz flight director (Ed Harris) identified the real problem. If the real problem was not identify then all the steps in the decision making process would have been based on an incorrect starting point. When the No. 2 oxygen tank blew up causing the No. 1 tank to fail also; Jack Swigert also notice a warning light that accompanied the bang, Huston was notify that there was a problem. Lovell “Huston we have a problem.” With the main B bus under volt damage, also the loss of three fuel...
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