Apollo 13 Paper

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Apollo 13 Film Analysis|
Andrew Hendrian|
MG306/CO342Dr. Kruml & Dr. Curtin|

Apollo 13 Final Paper Outline
1. Culture (Subculture)
a. Collaborative
i. Work constantly done or completed in teams
b. Innovative
ii. Find ways to do impossible things – make the O fit into the square c. Arrogant
iii. We will not fail, “Failure is not an option” – Gene Kranz d. Comfort level within teams
iv. They did not want to work with Jack Swigert because they knew their team so well – breathing, voice tones, etc. v. Nonverbal communication displayed when walking by back ups 2. Leaders/Managers

e. Leaders
vi. Tom Hanks tearing off his biomed equipment and other two crew members follow vii. Marilyn Lovell staying strong for her children and telling Jim’s mother viii. Kranz in the classroom trying to make others see how they would get the spacecraft home f. Managers

ix. Gene Kranz managing the all of the NASA personal x. Jim Lovell cooling down argument inside of space shuttle about if Swigert read the levels before mixing the tanks xi. Lovell deciding for Mattingly to stay behind because it was proven he would be getting sick from his blood test. 3. Conflict/Persuasion

g. Reporters wanting to put the tower in Lovell’s yard and Mrs. Lovell getting upset because nobody cared to watch their program but they are now concerned h. Ken not being able to go on the mission because of measles and them telling Jim he either waits to go on another mission or goes with replacement – now Jim has to tell him about it i. Gentleman who keeps informing Gene that the space craft wasn’t intended to do what they wanted it to and Gene telling him he will not be at fault (saving face) 4. Assimilation in Teams

j. Team assigned to make the air filter to slow the CO2 levels k. Ken and other NASA gentlemen trying to shorten procedure to fire up computers and engine while staying under 20 AMPS l. Spending hours on end practicing – (docking practice) 5. Apollo 13, 42 years later

m. Technology differences – faster, more face to face interaction (still in real time) n. No diversity in workplace (predominantly older white males) – no women o. Follow protocol only – today generation more improvising

We were asked to watch the movie Apollo 13 and relate it to material that we learned over the course of the semester. In the following paragraphs, I will touch on Cultures, Leaders/Managers, Conflict/Persuasion, Assimilation in Teams, and Apollo 13, 42 years later. While giving examples from the movies for each of these, I will tie them to material that we learned in class. Culture and Subcultures

During the movie Apollo 13, viewers are exposed to the different cultures present at NASA and throughout the pilot’s lives. NASA demonstrated how collaborative you have to be to ensure success and safety throughout a mission. They relied on teams to accomplish everything. There was never one person that made a decision single handedly. Take the initial launch for example. Gene Kranz had to get the green light from everyone before the rocket actually took off. Even though he was clearly the leader in the situation, he relied on other people to tell him that the rocket was good to launch. You can also take the example of when Ken Mattingly was designing the new protocol for getting the ship home with using less than 20 AMPs. While Ken was the only one in the practice ship he still had other guys helping him along the way.

NASA displayed how innovative they are throughout the movie. One of my favorite examples of this was when they were designing a filter to help with the CO2 levels. They were told that they had to make this (a circle), fit into this (a square). They simply didn’t just say they couldn’t do it, they...
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