Apolinario Mabini’s Works: a Critique Paper

Topics: Emilio Aguinaldo, Philosophy, Ten Commandments Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: January 10, 2013

Apolinario Mabini was a Filipino political thinker and architect of the Philippine revolt. He expressed the philosophies of a democratic popular administration, giving the past struggles of the Filipino people with a coherent ideological orientation. He was undoubtedly the most profound thinker and political philosopher that the Filipino race ever produced. Someday, when his works are fully published, but not until then, Mabini will come into his own. Mabini's main work, La Revolution Filipina, a logical analysis and tough argument regarding the ideological consequences of the revolt against Spain and the struggle to the American intruders, tells the advanced and independent desire behind his philosophy. He constantly tried to intervene among the publics' determination and the choices of their frontrunners. One of Mabini's greatest works was his draft of a constitution for the Philippine Republic. It was accompanied by what he called "The True Decalogue," published in the pages following. Mabini's "ten commandments" are so framed as to meet the needs of Filipino patriotism for all time. He also drafted rules for the organization and government of municipalities and provinces, which were highly successful because of their adaptability to local conditions. Mabini continued by declaring that what was enclosed in the papers were his plans for the internal revolt for the publics to embrace as their moral and behavioral guide, and for the outside revolt for the revolutionary administration to embrace as the structure of authority. We can observe some of the main expressions of Mabini’s liberal, democrat and Masonic ideals in The True Decalogue. Instead of the thirty articles of the Masonic moral code, The True Decalogue would be reflecting the ten commandments of Moses, but expressed more fully in the historical context of the Philippines in the late nineteenth century. As the “True”...
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