Apol 104 Critical Thinking

Topics: Humanism, Secular humanism, Secularism Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: July 23, 2012
A secular humanism worldview believes that there is no God. The Humanist Manifesto II states that there is no real evidence to prove that there is a God. Secular Humanism believes that man is made up of matter and that the answer to our existence can be seen in nature that surrounds us, in other words, evolution. As naturalists, secular humanists’ believe in evolution. That man evolved from the nature and animals around us. Humans are not believed to be more important than animals because they evolved from animals. Humans are believed to be in the same ancestry as animals and are just more sophisticated. The Secular Humanist bases identity and ideas upon science, experiment and observation. Man is believed to have no real purpose. In this specific worldview, humans believe they are “highly evolved animals” (Weider, L. & Gutirrez, B.), and they can decide themselves the value of their lives though how they conduct themselves on a daily basis. However, since man is not a creation of God and is merely a machine, we are believed to have no true meaning. There is no real basis on which Secular Humanists’ base their morality or ethics around. Man was not created by God; therefore, they base their ethics upon relativism. Relativism demonstrates that “truth is dependent upon the individual or society and is subject to change”. (Weider, L. & Gutirrez, B.) Basically what is believed to be right or wrong can change overnight. It is believed that there is no life after death, according to Secular Humanists’. The body stops functioning and starts decomposing. The only thing that lives on is the impact that one has on others in society. II.

The worldviews of a Christian and a Secular Humanist are complete opposites. While a Christians believe that God is their creator, Secular Humanists’ believe that there is no sufficient evidence to prove that there is a God and they came into existence through evolution. Humans were created to be the...
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