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Topics: KILL, Mesoamerica, Apocalypto Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: December 23, 2010

My favorite part of the movie Apocalypto is when Jaguar Paw stops being afraid and beings to fight back. I believe he realized that the Aztec’s wouldn’t have stopped chasing him, until he was dead. Also he wouldn’t have fulfilled his name jaguars are strong and brave, and they never show any fear, also he wouldn’t have made his father proud of him. So he began to take them out by getting poison from poisons frogs with a stick and shooting it at them. Another thing he did was set a trap made out of sharp wood that stabbed someone. And he also fought back. Another one of my favorite parts is when Jaguar Paw jumps down a water fall. My least favorite part was when the Aztec’s invaded there tribe while they where sleeping and killed people and took others to there tribe. Also when they put the women up for sell and if they didn’t get sold they just let them go without their loved ones. Another one of my least favorite parts of the movie is they just leave the children all alone by there selves. Another of my least favorite part of the movie is when they made human sacrifices in front of thousand of people by cutting there heart out and chopping there head off. Then afterward they would throw the head and body down the stairs. And my last least favorite part of the movie is when they make a game out off killing the rest of the people by having them run while they try to kill them by throwing arrows and rocks at them. At the end of the movie it ends with them running to the beach and discovers people coming on a boat. And then Jaguar Paw make a run for it while the rest of the Aztec’s stand and watch. And Jaguar Paw sneaks off to save his wife and children and never turn back.
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