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What is a speculative letter?
This type of letter is sent to an employer or employment agency, seeking consideration for possible employment opportunities, i.e. positions which are not currently advertised or which do not currently exist. It is vital to incorporate the speculative approach in your job search because A high percentage of jobs are filled in the unadvertised job market. Many employers rely on keen students who write to them, of their own initiative, to fill vacancies. An employer may be impressed with your initiative, experience, and excellent presentation and make efforts to create a position and accommodate your request. An unexpected job vacancy may arise and your application is already in the employer’s hands . Some sample paragraphs for speculative letters follow: Example of speculative opening paragraph… Recently I became aware of the new music program at St. John’s School. My interest in this program and genuine commitment to teaching in a Christian educational environment provides the impetus for my request. I would like the opportunity to visit your school, learn more about your programs and if possible observe classes in action. I would also appreciate your advice as to the possibility of teaching positions at St John’s in 2010. Example of a paragraph which links you and the position… Over the past six years I have held a number of part-time positions. These have involved working with children in a range of settings including after school and vacation care. This experience has provided the opportunity to develop planning and behaviour management skills, as well as communication, time management, and organizational skills. Example of a closing paragraph… Having contact with your school, which fosters learning in a Christian environment and values the arts and creative thinking, would be of great value to my growth as an emerging teacher. I would appreciate the opportunity to visit your school and will telephone you within the next week to discuss when this could be arranged.

Why do I need an application letter?
The application letter you send with your resume often provides you with your first opportunity to present yourself to a potential employer. An application letter should accompany each application and is much more than a cover letter that introduces your resume. An application letter is a targeted, precise, interesting communication that provides an opportunity for you to highlight skills and experience, and express an interest in the position. The aim of an application letter is to encourage the employer to look closely at the accompanying resume and other paperwork, and to hopefully invite you to an interview. An application letter should Be no longer than one page

Be targeted for each application
Aim at getting attention quickly
Be error free
Be courteous
Have a positive, enthusiastic tone
Make use of short paragraphs and clear language
Refer to the organization and include why you want to work for this particular employer Tell the employer how you will meet their needs
Be a balance between self confidence and modesty
Be drafted and redrafted until it is right
Be checked by someone else before it is sent out
Be presented on good quality paper
Be printed on a quality printer
Be typed, not handwritten
Be sent unfolded with your resume

Example letter – Applying for a teaching position
Ms Allie Smith 473
Barrington Street

30 August 2009

Ms Mary Sheehan
Holy Spirit Primary School
PO Box 123

Dear Ms Sheehan

Make sure you observe business letter...
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