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Topics: Theory of Constraints, Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Term Pages: 3 (377 words) Published: June 18, 2013
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What is usually the shortest element of manufacturing lead time? Mark - incorrect
1. Queue
2. Run
3. Wait
4. Move - Given
A work center is utilized for 100 hours a week. In that time the work center created 3 parts that each has 20 hours worth of standard work. What is the efficiency of the work center? Mark - incorrect

1. 120% - Given
2. 60%
3. 30%
4. Insufficient data available to answer the question
When a supplier delivers materials directly to the assembly line it is called what? Mark - incorrect
1. Kanban delivery
2. JIT delivery - Given
3. Kaizen delivery
4. Point-of-Use Delivery
What is the primary purpose of cycle counting?
Mark - incorrect
1. Identify the root cause of the discrepancy so as to prevent in the future 2. Update the inventory tracking system with the appropriate information - Given 3. Make inventory adjustments

4. Count everything in the warehouse at one point in time Improving the cash-to-cash cycle increases what for the manufacturer? Mark - incorrect
1. Inventory investment - Given
2. Delivery lead time
3. Quality
4. Cash
Using ABC analysis, what materials SHOULD be cycle counted most often?? Mark - correct
1. "A" items - Given
2. "C" items
3. "B" items
4. WIP
What is the correct translation of the Japanese term "Poka-yoke"? Mark - incorrect
1. Continuous Improvement
2. Flow Manufacturing - Given
3. Mistake Proofing
4. Waste
Each of the following is a part of the theory of constraints accounting system EXCEPT: Mark - correct
1. Throughput
2. Operating Expenses
3. Inventory
4. Cash - Given

Using the Drum-Buffer-Rope principle popularized by Eliyahu M. Goldratt's book "The Goal", how would you schedule an operation before a bottleneck work center? Mark - correct
1. Schedule the operations at the same...
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