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Topics: Bacteria, Metabolism, Photosynthesis Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: February 23, 2014
All of the microtubes contain ingredients that act as indicator for their reactions except for the TDA, IND and VP tubes which do not have indicator within the substrates. Most of the tubes will react by changing the colour due to pH changes and certain tubes changes colour with the help of the reagent in order to detect the metabolic product and reactions such as fermentation or oxidation for example for the tube containing inositol, sorbitol and rhamnose (SOR, INO, RHA) that changed to yellow colour if the result is Section of tubeObservationTests ONPGYellow coloured suspension formed+

ADHYellow coloured suspension formed-
LDCOrange coloured suspension formed with precipitate+
ODCYellow coloured suspension formed-
CITGreenish suspension formed-
H2SThe suspension remain colourless-
UREYellow coloured suspension formed-
TDAYellow coloured suspension formed-
INDRed coloured suspension formed with precipitate+
VPThe colourless suspension become pinkish+
GELThe suspension remain colourless-
GLUThe colourless suspension turn yellow in colour+
MANYellow coloured suspension formed+
INOBlue coloured suspension formed-
SORYellow coloured suspension formed+
RHAYellow coloured suspension formed+xidase negative Enterobacteriaceae or otherwise the test will be non- reliable. An oxidase negative bacteria refers to bacteria that do not use oxygen as its electron receptor in their electron transport chain. All of the microtubes contain ingredients that act as indicator for their reactions except for the TDA, IND and VP SACBlue coloured suspension formed-

MELBlue coloured suspension formed-
AMYBlue coloured suspension formed-
ARAYellow coloured suspension formed+

Result of API 20 E refers to the presence of Escherichia coli 1 and Escherichia 2 in the bacterial suspension. Analytical profile index which is also known as API is generally used for rapid identification of classified microorganisms. This API 20E kit...
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