Apes- Water Study Guide

Topics: Water pollution, Oxygen, Water, Surface runoff, Turbidity / Pages: 6 (1340 words) / Published: Aug 3rd, 2013
Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
1. What is dissolved oxygen?
Dissolved oxygen is the amount of oxygen mixed into the water and is necessary for aquatic life.
2. How does it get into the water?
DO gets into the water in many different way but primarily it is absorbed from the atmosphere and aquatic plants.
3. Why is it important?
DO is important because it provides oxygen to aquatic organisms and without it they wouldn’t be able to live. Low levels would cause hypoxia and make it extremely difficult for aquatic organisms to live.
4. What other chemical parameter directly influences the amount of oxygen the water can hold?
Other chemical parameters that are influenced by DO organic waste and microscopic organisms that use oxygen to breakdown waste.
5. What is the level of DO in the water that is considered a good level?
The level of DO that is considered a good level is 5 mg/L.

E. coli

1. What is E. coli?
E. coli is a bacterium that is regularly found in the stomach of warm-blooded organisms.
2. How does it get into the water?
E. coli can get in the water from human and animal waste and if not treated it can end up in bigger bodies of water.
3. What are some sources?
E. coli can come from getting rid of waste through dumping, broken septic tanks, household pet waste, livestock, and storm water runoff.
4. Why do we test for it?
We test for E. coli because it can make people extremely sick if digested. It can cause diarrhea and urinary tract infections among other things.
5. What other chemical parameters are high E. coli levels often associated with?
Other chemical parameters could be how much sediment is in the water.
6. What level of E.coli is same for drinking?
E. coli must be at a level of 1 CFU/100mL in order to be consumed by humans.


1. What is pH? pH is the measure of hydrogen ion concentration in a substance and is used to test how basic or acidic water is.
2. What is pH influenced by? pH is influenced by the measure of hydrogen

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