Apache Indians

Topics: Hunting / Pages: 3 (576 words) / Published: Oct 9th, 1999
Anthropology Paper

Apache Indians

In this paper you will read about the many ways that the Apache Indians used different

ways of technology to survive in there environment. They used many different farming tools in

which helped them to grow crops and gather berries. As the years went on the Apache hunters

hunted with bows and arrows and as the years went on and how they trade with other tribes and

people they had adopted guns. So in this reading you will be reading about different types of

tools that the Apache Indians used.

The Apache Indians used many tools throughout the years as they got more involved with

technology. When they wanted to plant or to crush the seeds that they have gathered they used a

seed beater that was made of twined openwork baketry (Taylor 56). To store or to place any

berries that they have gathered they had this coiled basket that they made in order to cook in or

to store food. Since some Apache tribes lived in the forests and well-watered valleys the mainly

depended on berries and hunting deer and antelope they had many ways that they could kill and

gather the foods. To cut the berries from the branches the Apacheans used a knife the is in the

center of a wooden stick which they would sharpen in with a smoothed groove stone. With the

adoption of horses was a great discovery because it made hunting and carrying the goods much

easier (Taylor 55).

Also the Apache Indians had many tools that the used when they were on the hunt for

food. They had a war club with also was made for war and hunting was made out of a stone

head which was wrapped in buckskin on a wooden handle. They also used the common bow and

arrow to hunt with as well. To cook the food that they had gathered the made the rope twister

which was made out of small pieces of wood that had small rope attached to them, and to start

the fire they moved the rope back

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