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Topics: Goal, Management, Want Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: April 1, 2013

Progress That Has Accrued
Candace Brookins
Steven Henager College
CSS101-015-008-ON-Psychology of motivation
Instructor: John Elmer



What I have learned so far that has been the most help full to me along with why and how I will use that information to further my education and my career will be what you are about to read. I will also be including what surprised me the most about this course and why. Over the last four weeks I have developed many thought and ideas that reinforced why I have chosen the field I have and the goal I have such as getting my masters in Architecture. My personal goal I have made over the last four weeks I have also included at the end.

The most helpful thing I have learned I would have to say is APA formatting. APA formatting is a much easier way for me to write formal letters or papers. The reason why I feel that this is the most helpful thing that I have learned is because in the career that I am studying I will be writing a lot of letters to clients and to company's. I feel that it is important to write in a professional way in order for people to take me seriously.

I will use APA formatting when attending school to write all my papers to look more professional. I will all use APA formatting in my new career in the ways I have said earlier such as writing to clients or company's. I can also use APA formatting in my personal life and in every day use when I need to contact a company for a refund or a problem with and item or even a thank you later. APA can also be used for family members when I want to invite people to a party or get together that I am hosting.

The things that have surprised me in this class where my grades I received, the use full knowledge in how to communicate with people in a more professional way. And the knowledge on different things that will help me in my new career. Things Such as knowing your soft...

References: Peak Performance: Success in College and Beyond 8th Edition (2013)
by: Sharon Ferrett
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