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This is a brief summary of what your paper is about – it’s topic, direction and thesis statement.
Abstracts are under 250 words.

The body of your paper actually starts here, on the third page. You should have an introductory paragraph, body, and conclusion. Paragraphs are indented 5 spaces. Be sure to use transitions to move the reader through your paper. When you are done writing, read it quietly and aloud; then have someone else read your paper. Revise where needed. Then edit for grammar, spelling and format. DO NOT rely on spell/grammar check! Remember to make sure the entire paper is:
1. in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font
2. double-spaced with 1” margins
3. contains no contractions (search for ‘t or ‘s and fix as needed)

Basic format is:
LN, FN. (Year). Title. Publisher or online retrieval information.
Second and subsequent lines get indented 5 spaces. If it is something unusual, such as a dvd, map, photo, or has an edition number, place this information in brackets following the title.
Remove any hyperlinks by highlighting the link, right-clicking, and selecting “remove hyperlink”.
Everything shown on the reference page MUST have an in-text citation in the body of your paper. Any in-text citations must also be listed/cited on the reference page. The only exception to this rule is personal communication such as a conversation or personal email/letter/text.

To use WORD’s citation feature WHILE YOU ARE WRITING YOUR PAPER:
1. Click on “references” tab. Be sure APA sixth edition is shown.
2. Click on insert citation. Then click “Add New Source”
3. Click “Show all bibliography fields. This will tell you which fields are recommended.
4. Choose the type of source from the drop-down box at the top.
5. Fill in the fields. When you click on any field, it will show you how it should be entered

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