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Ronald Crealese

-0Database-APA-Article Assignment (20 Points Total—4% of Your Grade)

In one of the library databases, locate the article entitled “What Managers Do? A Critical Review of the Evidence” written by Colin P. Hales in 1986. In the space provided below, provide the complete citation for this article (as you would on a reference page), following the APA Guidelines that I provided you in Doc Sharing. This part of the assignment is worth 10 points. Then, read the article and answer the five questions listed below, in the designated “Answer:” space that I have provided. Each question is worth 2 points. Submit your completed assignment to the appropriate dropbox. This assignment is due by 1:00 PM on June 15, 2015.


Hales, C. P. (1986). What Managers Do? A Critical Review of the Evidence. Journal Of Management Studies, 23(1), 88-115.

Article Questions

1. Approximately how many years of research does Hales review in his article?

Hales reviews approximately 30 years of studies in his article.

2. In reviewing the research on managerial work, who views managerial work as ‘self-contained’?

Mintzberg views managerial work as ‘self-contained’.

3. Sayles, Mintzberg, Stewart, and Kotter all provide insights on which three managerial tasks?

“Sayles, Mintzberg, Stewart and Kotter all provide fresh insights and subtleties to the tasks of 'planning*, 'co-ordinating' and 'commanding.”

4. With respect to how managers allocate their time, Burns (1957) found that managers spend what percentage of their time on ‘general management policy’?

Burns (1957) found that managers spend 20 percent of their time on ‘general management policy’.

5. According to Hales, what is the third weakness of the existing studies of managerial behavior?

The third weakness of the existing studies of managerial behavior is “that it is uncertain whether they identify exclusively managerial behaviour.”...
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