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Crash Course in World History: The Renaissance: Was it a Thing

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Crash Course World History: Crash Course #22 Renaissance. Was it a thing?


1. Preview the video viewing questions.
2. Watch “Crash Course in World History” without taking any notes. 3. Watch “Crash Course in World History” a second time. Pause the video as needed so that you can answer the questions.


1. What are the three more “advanced” ideologies commonly attributed to the Renaissance? Paintings, sculptures, architects

2. How does John Green define the Renaissance?
It was an effloresce of arts.

3. Where do we commonly see the classical influences visually expressed in the Renaissance? The renaissance saw the rebirth of European culture after the dark ages and rushed in the modern are of secularism, rationality, and individualism.

4. Why are the scholars who worked with ancient Greek and Roman texts called humanists? What misconception has this name led to, and how is that misconception debunked by John Green? Because it implied that they were concerned with humans rather than the religious world. This led to the assumption that Renaissance writers, artists, and scholars were secretly not religious, but they actually were studying the humanities.

5. Which dates are most commonly associated with the Renaissance? Why do we not have a specific series of dates, or beginning and ending point? 15th and 16th century. We don’t have specific dates because they weren’t physically written down.

6. Why specifically, did Italy become the center of the Renaissance? Money

7. How and why did the Venetians become so rich?
- They exported textiles to the ottomans. They were expert sailors and shipbuilders, and merchants. They figured out ways to trade with Islamic empires which included the biggest...
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