Ap World History Essay

Topics: Islam, Qur'an, Christianity Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: April 18, 2013
The attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchants and trade from the religions in the 1500's had mixed results. Many Christians didn't accept merchants and trade because of their love for money,while others thought it was okay only if you shared among the poor. Many Muslims thought that trading was okay as long as the merchants were fair, while others thought it was okay only if they they shared among the poor just like some Christians thought too. To better understand the attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchant and trade, one must consider the conditions of the places when the documents provided were written, as well as each author's point of view. The Christian bible (doc1) and the Qur'an (doc2) can be grouped together by the simple reason that they are from the Christians and Muslims sacred texts, even though the bible states states that merchants and traders should not be accepted and the Qur'an states that trading is okay only if merchants are honest and fair. The christian Bible and the Muslims Qur'an had their own unique point of view according to their creators word, God and Allah. Reginald (doc3) and Ankara (doc7) can be grouped together because they both agree that their possessions should be distributed among all. Reginald talks about how St. Godric was a wealthy merchant and trader that decided to distribute all his possessions among the poor. Ankara talks about how the aforementioned was told not buy all the cotton yard, but rather that it should be distributed among all. The aforementioned obeyed as a faithful Muslim. Reginald was a Christian that talked about one of the Christians saints, St. Godric, so his ideas may be an attempt to make his colleague and Christians look the most faithful. Ankara was a Muslim that talked about another Muslim that accepted to not to buy all the cotton to distribute among the poor, so his ideas may be an attempt to make Muslims look the most faithful. An additional document that...
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