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Topics: Mediterranean Sea, Africa, Indian Ocean Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: April 3, 2013
From 300 CE to 1450 CE, changes occurred in trade networks between Africa and Eurasia through Silk Road revitalization and the items that were traded, while trade across the Mediterranean Sea remained constant. The revitalization of the Silk Road occurred due to political stability, while the trade items changed because people’s needs changed over time. Mediterranean Sea trade remained constant because the trading cities had stable economies as well as complex societies.

One change in the trade networks between Africa and Eurasia was that The Silk Road was revitalized. It was able to change because there was more political stability in the regions connected to the trade routes. Mongol expansion helped bring political stability. There was also economic stability, which helped trade expand and thrive. Trade in India was restored, and this led to the success of Indian Ocean trade. The revitalization of the Silk Road greatly affected Indian Ocean trade because after the restoration of Indian trade, Muslims took over Indian Ocean trade, and spread Islam to Africa and all across the Indian Ocean. The Swahili city-states became populated with Muslim Africans due to trade. The Kingdom of Axum also played a major role in Indian Ocean trade although it was predominantly Christian.

One trade network between Africa and Eurasia that stayed the same was the active trade across the Mediterranean Sea. Although it was connected to a larger series of changing trade networks, it remained constant because the societies which participated in the trade were very complex, and therefore did not die out or collapse. These coastal cities were politically stable and active in trading, which led to the growth of their wealth. Trade was so consistent that it was able to remain continuous even through the Dark Ages.

Another change in the trade networks between Africa and Eurasia was that the items traded kept changing. This was because items were traded according to people’s needs....
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