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AP World History Comparative Essay Generic Rubric Overview

Basic Core
Historical skills and knowledge required to show competence. Expanded Core
Historical skills and knowledge required to show excellence. 1. Has acceptable thesis. 1 Point
(addresses comparison of the
issues or themes specified)

2. Addresses all parts of the 2 Points
of the question, though not
necessarily evenly or thoroughly.

(Addresses most parts of the (1)
question: for example, deals with
differences but not similarities)

3. Substantiates thesis with 2 Points
appropriate evidence.

(Partially substantiates thesis with (1)
appropriate evidence.)

4. Makes at least three relevant, 1 Point
direct comparisons between or
among societies.

5. Analyzes at least three reasons 1 Point
for a similarity or difference
identified in a direct comparison.

Expands beyond basic core of
1-7 Points. The basic core of a 0-2 Points
score of 7 must be achieved
before a student can earn expanded
core points.

• Has a clear, analytical, and comprehensive thesis
• Addresses all parts of the question (as relevant): comparisons, chronology, causation, connections, themes, interactions, content. • Provides ample historical evidence to substantiate thesis. • Relates comparisons to larger global context.

• Makes several direct comparisons consistently between or among societies. • Consistently analyzes the causes and effects of relevant similarities and differences.
Subtotal 7 Points

Subtotal 2 Points ​
TOTAL ​9 Points

Comparative Essay Notes
1. The time allotted for the essay is 40 minutes, 5 minutes of which should be spent planning and/or outlining the answer.
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