AP World Focus Questions 14

Topics: Muhammad, Mecca, Islam Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: November 8, 2014
1. Muhammad grew up in a family of merchants. Since he was always on the road traveling and selling, moving from place to place, he picked up and became familiar with Christianity and Judaism. The two were some of the most popular in the area and the time. He later married Khadija so he could easily spread his ideas and gain position. 2. The fundamental tenets of Islam include, acknowledging Allah as the only god and Muhammad as his prophet. Believers must fast during daylight hours during the month of Ramadan and pray to Allah daily while facing Mecca. Followers of Islam also must undertake Haji once in their life if they are able to. 3. A problem after Muhammad died was who would lead. No one really knew how to lead Muhammad’s people so this problem went unsolved. 4. The Abbasids came to power during a rebellion in Persia. They differed in the ways that the Umayyads lived in luxury and had tax and discrimination towards the non-converts. The Abassid was not a conquering empire, had less corruption and privileges in its military and ruled locally. 5. The growth of the realm of Islam contributed agriculturally by bringing in new crops such as rice, cotton, sugarcane, wheat, citruses and much more. This also increased the food supply. Cities started to grow due to the growth and drawing people in. 6. Islamic overland trade was expanded by the revival of the Silk Roads, the roads created were excellent to use for they were designed for military and administrative use. Maritime trade expanded by the borrowing of the compass from China and the lateen sail allowing farther travel. 7. Males were very dominant in this society. The Quran even enforced male dominance. Men often controlled many parts of women’s lives. 8. Muhammad helped promote Islam because he founded it and conquered Mecca. Sufis, the traveling missionaries, spread it widely. Ulama/Qadis spread and enforced moral standards. The Abbasid dynasty seized Persia and Mesopotamia. The Umayyad Dynasty seized...
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