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Topics: Byzantine Empire, Western Europe, Middle Ages Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: May 8, 2011
Trade was and is a huge component in the development and advancement of civilizations. Trade advances societies through the spread knowledge and ideas, exchange of resources and the establishment of power. The type of ideas spread could include religion, culture, art, philosophy, technology and methods of government. Nations which lacked key food resources could sell precious goods like gold, textiles or silk. When different societies saw the wealth in these civilizations they were inclined to gain these precious goods and could go to war to have them. Three of the major trade routes that were critical in the post-classical era were the Indian Ocean trade, the sea and land trade in Western Europe and the Silk Road. The Indian Ocean route was composed of East Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia and was a huge component in the development of civilizations and spread of knowledge and goods. China’s main contribution on this route was silk which was also a prized commodity. India traded spices and textiles and all the civilizations traded natural resources. The most traded commodity along this trade route was gold. In Africa gold is every abundant and is the main reason why civilizations could form in Africa. Also, people became a commodity on the Indian Ocean route. 10-million slaves were traded on the Indian Ocean during the slave trade. There are very little domesticated foods in Africa because of the harsh climates. African civilizations used trade to give themselves goods that they needed and did not have, which helped create job specialization. Therefore, through trade on the Indian Ocean, African civilizations were able to form, even Western Europe was able trade with Southeast Asia and Africa to come out of the dark ages through trade. Trade helped revive Western Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire. After the Roman Empire collapsed all societies were disconnected and there was no order. However, these societies slowly started to rebuild...
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