Topics: Islam, Egypt, Africa Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Ben Petty
Muslim leaders in south Asia and northern Africa both had many issues and difficulties when it came to defining their nationalism as an empire. Both southern Asia and Northern Africa struggled politically, educationally, and religiously to define their nationalism.

Both Northern Africa and Southern Asia struggled to define their empires nationalism because of political issues. (4,6). A Muslim Egyptian nationalist is speaking about how the east will never see eye to eye with the west. The Nationalist is saying how Egypt can never create nationalism if his country is at civil war, and cannot see eye to eye and agree on things. (4.) This personal bias is an issue because it is only giving an opinion of an eastern African citizen. A western African citizen could be feeling a complete opposite way about politics. This matters because a western African could have a solution to see eye to eye about politics, and completely fix the problem. It would help to see a document showing the opinion of a western African citizen saying how he feels about the east and the west agreeing on politics.

Education was a big factor in South Asia and Southern Africa. (3,1). An educator of an oriental college is saying how people would rather chose to save and adopt Islam then to take in the new British education system. This creates nationalism in a way that Islam is looking for new education that will be better, and more innovative then the eastern education systems such as Great Britain. (1). People are more focused on religious ideologies then the actual educational facts that are shown that says an iaindian Muslim leader who was imprisoned several times for political activism. It defines nationalism by the actual facts instead of faith and religion. (3) I would like to see nationalism in the eyes of someone who is not Muslim or religious to see if they feel the same way about the western education systems.

Southern Asia...
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