Ap World Chp 33

Topics: Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Muhammad Naguib Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Ap World Chapter 33 The Cold War was a major encounter between the two powers of the world: the Soviet Union and the United States. The war divided the world leading to divisions between ideas and citizens of various nations around the world. Egypt began to experience reforms in the political and social areas of the nation. Egyptian reforms were controlled by military rulers gaining control through coup d’eta’s. A recognized reformer in Egypt was Gamal Abdul Nasser. He rose to power after a coup in 1952. Prior to the coup d’eta Egypt was experiencing hard times due to careless and corrupt rulers. Conditions began to worsen and citizens began to revolt against the leaders.

The radical movement began to spread through Egypt. The Free Officers movement gained power in Egypt. The movement began with secret organizations in the Egyptian army during the 1930’s. The group was founded by young officers open to change and full of new ideas for the nation. The members used their resources to study life in Egypt, the data was used to plan ways to take control of the government.

The coup of 1952 was a political change in Egypt. Egypt was controlled and influenced by foreign nations. The monarchy was eliminated and Nasser and his free officers took over the government. After the coup the citizens of Egypt began to self-rule.

Nasser began to rule as a dictator beginning to putting in place reforms for the citizens. Nasser felt as if the government officials were the only ones capable of creating reforms throughout the nation.

Reforms began to occur in issues such as land distribution. Citizens were limited to how much land they were able to own. Any land that was extra was given to peasants who did not own their own pieces of land. Under new reforms citizens were able to attend school until college level funded by the government. The government also began to employ many...
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