Ap World Chapter 7

Topics: Africa, Sahara, Indian Ocean, North Africa, Middle East / Pages: 2 (342 words) / Published: May 6th, 2013
1. What was the state religion of the Sasanids? Zoroastrianism
2. Where was the Sasanid Empire located? Iran
3. What kinds of products did China export along the Silk Road? Silk, pottery, paper, spices
4. What military technologies did the Silk Road spread Chariot warfare, mounted bowman, and the stirrup.

5. What kind of people were the mariners that were involved in the India Ocean Trade? a multilingual and multiethnic group
6. The Indian Ocean Maritime System forged economic and social tied between what countries? East Africa, Arabia, India, China, and Southeast Asia
7. The Indian Ocean Maritime System was better prepared for long- distance travel than the Greeks- why? What was one major difference between Indian and Mediterranean seafaring was what? they could take advantage of monsoon winds, Mediterranean seamen rarely sailed far from shore
8. The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea is an important account because it describes what? a vast interconnected trading system
9. Which animal was most important to Saharan transportation? camel
10. What natural resource provided the incentive to trade for southern Saharan dwellers? Salt
11. What is the Sahel- what does it mean in Arabic? southern borderlands of the Sahara, the Coast
12. Trans- Saharan trade routes Trading network linking North Africa with sub-Saharan Africa across the Sahara.

13.The most important metallurgical development in sub- Saharan Africa involved what product? Iron

14. Bantu Collective name of a large group of sub-Saharan African languages and of the peoples speaking these languages

15. The Sink Road and Indian Ocean trade fostered the spread of which religion? Buddhism

16. What facilitated the spread of Christianity to Armenia? invention of Armenian alphabet

17. Who is the head of the Ethiopian Church? Patricia Alexandria

18. What is Nestorianism? The doctrine that there were two separate persons, one human and one

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