Ap World 5 Paragraph Response - Industrial Revolution Era

Topics: Europe, Age of Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: March 13, 2011
5 Paragraph Assignments

1. The American Revolution resulted in a Democratic government based on popular sovereignty while the French Revolution resulted in a popular authoritarianism under Napoleon Bonaparte. The U.S. Constitution is focused on representation, electoral procedures, limited executive powers, and the equality of the federal and state governments. In 1799 the French Directory, established during revolutionary unrest to represent the people, was toppled by a young general, Napoleon, when he established an authoritarian rule. The U.S. established checks and balances in the government that shares the power between the judicial, executive, and legislative branches in order to prevent one person from taking all of the power, such as Napoleon did in France. These revolutions, both alike and different, set an example for other nations to follow and brought forth a new era of politics.

2. The Napoleonic period set an example of revolution for other European countries to follow by spreading ideas of nationalism and republicanism. In Europe, the spread of revolutionary fervor caused monarchs to form the Congress of Vienna, made between 1814-1815 of representatives of Britain, Russia, Austria, and Prussia, to protect themselves from further revolutionary outbreaks and to reestablish political order in Europe. In 1820 this “Holy Alliance” acted decisively to defeat liberal revolutions in Spain and Italy. After the 1830 uprising that overturned the restored monarchy in France, Belgians rose up to declare their independence from Holland. In Poland and Italy, similar uprisings combining nationalism and a desire for self-governance failed. Even as the dictatorship of Napoleon eliminated the democratic legacy of the French Revolution, revolutionary ideology was spreading and taking hold in Europe and the Americas.

3. The Industrial Revolution in Britain was sparked by technological advancements that led to changes in the social hierarchy. With more...
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