AP US History Notes Chapters 4 - 7

Topics: Slavery, British Empire / Pages: 16 (3784 words) / Published: Sep 23rd, 2013
Chapter 4
Portuguese - first to begin slave trade slaves, manufactured goods were traded for rice, sugar, tobacco; taken back to Europe and were sold then traded again for manufactured goods
Society with slaves - part of labor force were slaves
Slave society - majority of laborers are slaves
About 300 slaves on a ship, 1 in 6 died
Bodies thrown overboard
Middle Passage - brutal journey from africa to america
losing independence because more are being brought
Slaves costed twice as much as indentured servants, servants were used more
Slaves, servants were not used because of laziness, they actually needed the extra laborers
Slaves could earn freedom
Slaves became landowners, slave owners Became common for slave owners to not want to teach slaves Christianity because owning Christians seemed wrong
Many mulattoes
Dark skin - segregation, no rights, even mulattoes
Even the smallest amount of black family made you black
Slaveship was determined through mother, because mother was definitely known, not father
Indentured servitude was coming to an end because things in Europe were getting better so fewer and fewer and fewer people came over
Planter Elite - rich, owned lots of land, but needed help
Tobacco - labor intensive crop
Fewer servants were coming, they were coming to have their own land
Social system was still developing
Children with slaves as mothers were slaves, free mothers had free children
Beat a slave to death - no charge
Everything being grown (cash crops - tobacco, rice, indigo) were all labor intensive
1793 - invention of the cotton gin caused slavery
By 1730, slave pop. in Chesapeake are was self sustaining
By 1750 - 80% of slaves were native born mlapprox. 20% of todays african americans can trace their heritage through being brought in through charleston, south carolina
Of 3 main countries, spain was the most brutal
Spanish Florida was offered as a refuge from english colonies's slavery, you got to stay only

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