Ap Statistics Report: What Music Does to Memory

Topics: Null hypothesis, 10th Marine Regiment, Statistical inference Pages: 4 (1109 words) Published: February 27, 2013
What Music Does to Memory...
By: Denellea McIntosh and Nichole Pierce
AP Statistics Period 1
Music, one of the many factors that enhance our lives, has been a widely ranged field. From Classical music to Hip Hop, there are listeners of all ages, each having their own preference of music. Through research, it has been discovered that memory can be affected by many different factors, including music. Music has been found to stimulate parts of the brain, alleviating stress and depression. Additional research also shows that music, especially Classical, enhances the storage and recall of memory. Therefore we decided to test the effect of music on memory to evaluate the changes and differences. Design

Population Inference: B.A. HS Students. Two classrooms were used for the treatment with music and two classrooms were used for the control groups. A test on vocabulary consisting of 10 words was given to two of these classrooms where the vocabulary words are provided prior to the test to see if music will affect the student’s memory. No name was required to be written on the tests, of course. Classical music was played during the entirety of the experiment. 5 minutes were given for studying for the test and 5 minutes were given for taking the test. The number correct was averaged from the two classrooms treated with music and the scores correct were averaged from the two classrooms with no music playing. The differences between these averages were compared using a two-sample mean inference testing. μ1 represents the control group’s average score, μ2 represents the treatment group’s average percentage. The null hypothesis (H0): there is no difference in test score with and without music: μ 1= μ 2; The alternative hypothesis (Ha); there is a difference in test score with and without music: μ 1≠ μ 2 Lurking Variable

Different people might be affected by different types of music, so it is fair to control that difference by limiting the music to one type,...
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