Ap Psychology: Multiple Intelligences

Topics: Guinea pig, Classical conditioning, Eating Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Multiple Intelligence Assignment: Classical Conditioning
Over the past few days, I classical conditioned a pet and I made sure that what I was doing was very safe and not harmful to the pet in any way. The pet that I classical conditioned was my friend’s guinea pig and my goal was for the guinea pig to form an association between receiving food and the banging of the cabinet door where the guinea pig’s food is stored by its cage. First, I just gave the guinea pig food like he usually gets. The normal response of the guinea pig was to go and eat the food and that is what he did. After that, I just slammed the cabinet shut where the food is stored and I did not give the guinea pig any food. After that, I gave the guinea pig food and at the same time that I gave the guinea pig food, I also slammed the cabinet door shut. I repeated this many times so that the guinea pig got used to hearing the cabinet shut when he got food. After awhile, I just started to close the cabinet door loudly and when I did this, I noticed that the guinea pig went to his food dish and began looking for food even though there was no food in the dish. This took many trials, but I did get it to work a few times in the end. In this example, there are examples of a UCS, UCR, NS, CS, and CR. The UCS in this example is the food that the guinea pig always eats, the UCR is the natural instinct of the guinea pig eating the food when it is given to him, the NS is the slamming of the cabinet door, the CS is the slamming of the cabinet too, and the CR is when the guinea pig looks for food and tried to find it to eat by just hearing the cabinet slam shut. I also included an extension in my experiment. The extension that I included was discrimination. I incorporated discrimination into this experiment by
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