Ap Psychology

Topics: Psychotherapy, Cognitive dissonance, Psychology Pages: 7 (1164 words) Published: January 9, 2013
|Wundt |“Father of Psychology”; introspection/ Structuralism | |Wertheimer |Gestalt psychology | |Titchner |Structuralism | |James |Functionalism / James- Lange Theory/ published first psychology book | |Watson |Behaviorism; “Little Albert Study”; aversion therapy | |Freud |Psychoanalytic; dream analysis; free association; structure of personality; stages of development; defense mechanisms | |Milgram |Obedience; Ethics; 66% | |Broca |Left frontal lobe; if Broca’s is broken, Aphasia | |Wernike |Left temporal lobe; receptive language/ understanding aphasia | |Pavlov |Classical conditioning; dogs (bells) | |Thorndike |Instrumental learning; cats; law of effect | |Skinner |Operant conditioning; rats and pigeons; behaviorist | |Tolman |Latent learning; cognitive maps | |Bandura |Observational learning; Bobo dolls; social-cognitive theory | |Ebbinghaus |Forgetting; decay model | |Chomsky |Native theorist; inherent existence of sets of cognitive structures | | |Language Acquisition Device | |Whorf |Linguistic relativity hypothesis | |Washoe, Sara, Koko |Ape language studies | |Jung |Collective unconscious; archetypes; psychoanalytic | |Horney |Basic childhood anxiety; psychoanalytic – Neo Freudian | |Erickson |psycho-social development | |Adler |Inferiority complex, psychoanalytic | |Piaget |Stages of cognitive development; cognitive theorist | |Rogers |Humanist Client-centered; unconditional positive regard;...
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