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Topics: Logic, Rhetoric, Argumentative Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: May 21, 2014
Chapter 1 Review Questions
1. What is invention in rhetoric?
Invention in rhetoric is the process of coming up with ideas for speaking or writing. It has three appeals, ethos, logos, and pathos.

2. What is ethos?
Ethos is an appeal based on the character of the speaker or writer.

3. What is logos?
Logos consists of the content of the argument. It also appeals to the intellect.

4. What is pathos?
Pathos appeals to the emotions of the audience.

5. How does ethos, logos, and pathos work together to persuade an audience? All three come together to persuade and audience because they appeal to the heart and the mind. People don’t make decisions with just one or the other, so this creates maximum persuasive effect. These proofs are tools for analyzing and creating effective arguments.

6. What is syllogism?
Syllogism is a chain of reasoning moving from general, universal principles to specific instances.

7. What is an enthymeme?
An enthymeme is a shortened syllogism. It serves the purpose of a more practical and beneficial way to argue.

8. How do you derive an enthymeme from a syllogism?
To derive an enthymeme from a syllogism is to take out the universal principal and create a more practical argument. It’s basically to summarize the syllogism to the key point.

9. Why is an enthymeme more useful than a syllogism in analyzing and constructing an argument? An enthymeme is more useful than a syllogism in analyzing and constructing arguments because an enthymeme is used in real-world argumentation. Whereas, a syllogism is used primarily in a logic course. Enthymemes, being a shortened version of a syllogism, uses an unstated principal that you can understand without it being said. Later in the argument you can address the unstated principal to support your enthymeme.

10. What is an arrangement, and why is it important in analyzing and constructing arguments? An arrangement is the order of how you present your ideas. It is important in...
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